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Purchase Price, Terms and Rate Assumptions

Tell us about your investment, and we will give a summary of expected annual return rate, as well as net present value of your investment.

Purchase price:
Value of land:
Value of improvements (to be depreciated):
Years for depreciation (use 27.5 if unknown):
Down payment (%):
Total cost:
Mortgage points (percentage of mortgage):
+Other fees (excluding points):
Total closing costs:
Mortgage rate:
Mortgage term (years):
Sell property at end of year _:
Fees on property sale (% of sale price):
Discount rate for NPV (use mortgage rate if unknown):
Tax rate (estimated federal + state):
Property value appreciation (estimated annual):

Revenue and Expense Assumptions

What are your assumptions about rental income and operating expenses?

Year 1 Estimates
Rental income:
Other income:
Total income:
Real estate taxes:
Other expenses (including repairs):
Total operating expenses:
Operating income (a):
Interest expense (b):
Principal payment (c):
Amortization of close costs:
Total depreciation and amortization (d):
Free cash flow (a-b-c):
Taxable income (a-b-d):


Capitalization rate

Investment returns based on montly cash flows:

X-Year Returns
Returns, including proceeds from property sale at end of year _:
Returns, excluding proceeds from property sale at end of year _:

Capitalization rate = operating income divided by purchase price of property.

IRR = Internal rate of return, or return rate at which NPV equals zero. This is a benchmark for average annual investment returns over time period property is held.

NPV = net present value of the investment, or how much gets returned (pre-tax) to investor upon property sale.